Not A Good Book Day

I don’t remember where I saw it, but some blog pointed to some online groups for studying classical Greek. Well, I saw two I liked and I think I’ll do both of them this summer. One is covering a small portion of Xenophon’s Anabasis. The other is going very rapidly through a book on Homeric Greek.

So I need to get a copy of Clyde Pharr’s book on Homeric Greek for the second group study. I know I saw that book at the Borders at the corner of Royal and Preston in Dallas about a year ago, so I know that it will sometimes be in the retail stores. More likely to be in Borders, since they almost always seem to have a much nicer foreign language section. But anyway...

I started at the Borders on Preston just south of Park. Not there. Next was the Borders at Arapaho and Coit. Nada. Next to Barnes & Nobles at Preston and Arapaho. Not there. Next to the Borders at Royal and Preston, where I had seen it earlier. Not there, though I did see a beginning Greek book from Hippocrene publishers there, and they are the ones who published my brother’s book. But I digress. From there I go to the SMU Barnes & Nobles at Mockingbird and 75. They didn’t have it. So I made a quick stop at the Crispy Creme near the Borders at Lover’s Lane and 75, and then on to that Borders. Neither the donut shop or the book store had my book.

I went home defeated.

So, I’ll have to order it online. Should be able to get it in the $20-30 range. But why am I doing this? Partially because I dig the language. Partially because of what I’m going to cover in my next post...


EMC 2005-05-31 04:21:00

Download it for free at

Eric Sowell 2005-05-31 05:11:00

I’ve seen that. Call me strange, but I just like to have a published book copy. I guess I’m old-fashioned :)

Thanks Ed.