House and Disaster Update

We will be closing on our new house today. Yay! This doesn’t mean we’ll be moving in today, though. We’re going to take a few days to paint and prep. But we’ll be in Thurs or Fri night. I am so very happy. Of course, today is the day I pay closing costs, so I get to see several thousand dollars flushed down the drain. How frustrating!

On another happy note, the house I grew up in was relatively unscathed by hurricane Rita. About 30 trees were knocked down by the storm, but none of them hit the house. They don’t expect power to be back on for three to four weeks, so I think I’ll probably be keeping some family in the new house for a little while. I’m not sure if anyone other than my mom is coming, but we’ll see. My grandmother’s house also escaped damage, so she was fortunate as well.

My other relative’s houses did not fare so well, however. And a tree fell on my uncle’s truck, and a limb knocked a whole in his roof. Another Aunt lost her kitchen to a tree or two as well.

But, as far as I know, there were no family fatalities or injuries, though I haven’t heard from one cousin. But hopefully all is well.


starbender 2005-09-27 06:25:00

Just surfin around.... My heart goes out 2 all of you who have had to deal with all of these storms! They look bad enough on the news, I can’t even imagine standing there looking out....
Good luck with your house!

Eric Sowell 2005-09-27 06:26:00