Busy Few Weeks

Sometimes you just get really busy. A task I'm on has taken up quite a bit of my time and has beaten down my spirits for the last few weeks. It's really mostly the latter. In every project I've seen there is good code, mediocre code, bad code, and really horrible code. I've spent the last few weeks in some of that really horrible code. It's the kind of code that makes you wonder what drugs they were on when they wrote it. It's the kind of code that makes you want to change careers. It's the kind of code that makes you wonder if Scott Guthrie would have heart attack if he ever saw it.

But it is mostly over now. My spirit is recovering, and I can get back to reading, blogging and side projects.

On that note, I updated my reading list. So I have gotten some reading done...


Anderson Imes 2007-03-26 02:12:37

The trick is to take a subset of the tasks you've been given on a project that are "low-hanging fruit".  These are tasks that have the following criteria:

  1. Can be solved in a creative way, but the creative solution is still low risk (don't go out of your way to make something creative, but not provide business value)
  2. Is fairly easy to accomplish

So, when you start to feel yourself in a slump, set aside your current task and start on one of these tasks you assign to the "low-hanging fruit" column.  This way, when you need a win, you have a list of things that are easy wins.

We all need to win occasionally.  Just be sure and spread out the wins.

Eric 2007-03-27 09:15:54

Thanks Anderson. Good advice. Just a couple more days till it’s done...