Classics Logs 2018 Q3

Another quarter, another post about my classical learning plan.

2018 Q3 Log

  • Not much in terms of lecture courses. Right now I am listening to one on The Italian Renaissance. The Renaissance was obviously quite a long time after the classical age but was a crucial part of recognizing and preserving things from the classical world, so it is tangentially related.
  • I listened to one Latin and one Greek podcast. I am not sure how to best utilize those at this point. There is still a lot of missing vocabulary, especially for the Latin.
  • Latin - I finished up Fabulae Faciles, 63-100.
  • Latin - Chapters 1-20 in Familia Romana.
  • Latin - Re-read Cambridge Latin Course - Unit 1 in preparation for tackling Unit 2, though I never did that.
  • Latin - Started working through Steadman’s College Caesar with my tutor for my first extended readings in “real” Latin. It is noticeably more difficult than Fabulae Faciles but I am enjoying it.
  • Latin - Mark 1-2 and Revelation 1-2 in the Vulgate. It isn’t much but was much easier than I expected. And this finally gave me an excuse to use this old Latin/Greek diglot that I bought a few years back. And yes, this justifies all those other books that I have bought just in case I needed them. I am sure that I’m the only one who does this.
  • Greek - random NT and LXX readings. I am going to start writing these down.
  • Greek - I read through the easy and fun ὁ κατάσκοπος. This would be great for those who have finished their first trec through a Greek textbook and need some reading practice, or for everyone else (like me) who always needs more practice. We need more of these little stories.


I did a pretty terrible job in my reading. I did, however, listen to a fantastic audiobook reading of The Aeneid, so that counts for something.


Still continuing my reading-focused approach and my weekly meetings with my tutor. I spent a lot of time reading this quarter and made lots of progress. I am pleased with my progress here. In three quarters I have read well over 200 pages of Latin text, and over half of that this quarter just from Familia Romana. I definitely let my Latin study overshadow my Greek work and my reading of things in translation.


Should I actually set goals? I suppose I will.

  • Latin - I want to finish up Familia Romana, College Caesar, and do more vulgate reading. Perhaps I will dip into some patristic reading but that might be beyond me at this point. Perhaps I will save that till Q1 of 2019. I will also try to come up with some plan around Latin podcast listening.
  • Greek - I will at least start logging what I read. Once I get my pre-ordered Reader’s edition of the Septuagint, I will spend a lot of time there. But this is not where I will focus this quarter.
  • Reading - I am going to make a serious effort to read all of Plato this quarter.


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