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Classics Logs 2018 Q3

Classics Logs 2018 Q2

A Classical Self-Education

Read Some Greek

A Personal Greek Reader

Using Web Fonts

The Cool Greek Book

Koineworks Diagramming

I Need Some Greek Typists

True Words on Learning Greek

A Look at Codex 037

No More Travelling

ULF's John 15:17-16:2 Lection

Westcott-Hort Curiosity

Books, News, and Projects

Getting Ready For Greek Group Again

Finished With My First Reading

New Greek Goals

On Greek Readers: Physical Characteristics

On Greek Readers: Other Aids

On Greek Readers: Vocabulary

On Greek Readers : Type Of Readers

On Greek Readers: Introduction

Another Hierosolymitanus Ligature

Maybe I Should Add Plutarch

One Significant Point...

Finished the Protoevangelium of James

Do You Know Greek Or Hebrew?

Should You Learn Greek or Hebrew?

My April and May Greek Goals

A Scribal Handwriting Tip For Nick

Crazy Kappa Leo

Fearing The Bishop

Distance Greek Education: Answers

Mary The Spinmeister

And The Insult Is...

Joseph Is A Woodchopper

More Protoevangelium of James Stuff

First Thoughts On JACT Reading Greek

Protoevangelium Miscellany

Sweatin' To The Bishop

Obedience To The Bishop

Byzantine Liturgy

Michael's Greek Alphabet Tutorial

When Dead Tongues Speak

I Try To Read Your Greek

So Bright, So Beautiful. Ah Precious.

A New Kind Of Graded Reader

Greek Geek Time - ως + Infinitive

Putting καλος To The Test

Altar Predating Zeus?

Greek Handwriting 4

Greek Handwriting 3

The Importance of Itacisms

Greek Handwriting 2

Greek Handwriting 1

The Greek of Second Clement

My New Site and Blog: Archaic Christianity

Review of Archaeology Exhibit at Fair Park

Free Materials for Learning Foreign Languages

Time Spent in Old Books

Conybeare and Stock on Literal Translations

The Joy of Papyri

On Starting Greek Verbs with Infinitives

Greek Class Update

Greek Class Signup

Greek Class Update

Greek Class Chat and Pimsleur

Beginning Greek Class, Fall, 2005

NET GEMS at the End of 2004

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