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Pray for Your Enemies, Pray for Your Leaders

Justin Martyr Correction

Thinking Log Jan 2020

Hello 2020

Christmas and Death

Career Introspection Time

Trebuchets and Racks

Some Node Videos on Youtube

A Plants vs Zombies Halloween

Personal Technology Changes

An Allergy Tale

What Has Been Going On?

The Kindle Fire User Agent String


Different Job, Same Employer

Holiday Goals

Principles of Software Testing


Nice Little SMTP Server for Vista

Play Ikariam

Grantham Has Made Me Sad

Clearly, I Am Hot. Oh so hot.

Fun at Mini-PDC in Dallas

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The Force Lightning of God!

Virtual Machine Issues

Semantics and Method Names

Miscellany - Jan 4, 2009

Restarting My Technical Blog

Happy New Year 2009!

I Exist and Am Relaunching This Blog

CNN's Scream Bloody Murder

Pics of My Totally Rockin Awesome Study

Pics from SBL 08

Bloggin' SBL 08 - Part 5

Bloggin' SBL 08 - Part 4

Bloggin' SBL 08 - Part 2

Bloggin SBL 08 - Part 1

One Shopping Day till My Birthday

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Odd. I Wasn't A Republican Yesterday

Random Morning Thoughts

Got a New Toy...

The Archaic Christianity Podcast Is Live!

The Search for What Killed the Dinosaurs

Manuscript Graffiti

Back From Hurricane Land

Blogging All Over The Place

Blogging All Over The Place

Links of Greatness - September 7, 2008

Aug 26th 2008 Links

Spiffied Up Design

Solzhenitsyn Died Today at Age 89

New Feature: Text Snippets

Somebody Wants Me Dead

The Patristics Resources Online

NT Wright Appreciation Society

Luther on an Ass Against a Prophet

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

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The Dark Knight

Interview On Pisteuomen

Which Variants Are Important?

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Chrysostom's Epistle: Half Done

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Follow the Example of Nick

SBL Is Doing It Wrong

John Hobbins Is Winning

Saw The Hulk

Out Of Town And Back Again

May 30 Greek Notes

Busy As Always

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Gone Fishin'

Iron Man Review

I Saw Hancock

Apologies for Commenting Issues

Ending April With A Bang

CSNTM Fundraiser Dinner

I Make Carbon Dioxide

Linguistic Description Versus Fluency

Now Feedburner Is Irking Me

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Test Post For Email 2

Test Post For Email 1

April 13th Miscellany


How Not To Build Good Will

Software For Jim West: PawSense

Not The Oldest Missing Page

I Should Blog On Constantine More

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Thanks Bryan!

Wright On Nightline

How Kids Identify Adults

Feb 22 Site Update

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Whoa There, Michael!

Bowling For Kirk

The Real Eric

Humanism and Solzhenitsyn

Setting Jim Straight

Why Chris Tilling Should Read My Blog

On Insults

Keeping Myself Occupied

I Am Dad Once Again

Merry Christmas!

First Post

Constantine's Bible

Real Technology Heroes


I Am Spidermaninja

Me vs My Fence - 0 and 2

Local Cardspace and ASP.NET Ajax Training


Busy Few Weeks

Me At Refresh Dallas

Crispy and Wheaty

Comment Approval Process Working

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Macho Programming

VMWare Virtual Disk Creator

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Happy New Year!

CNN's "After Jesus"

Amazon Associates Program

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"Fun" at the Carson and Barnes Circus

Clever Microsoft Ad

I Am 31

Nice Birthday Present - The Pessimist's Mug

Wishing I Could Hack My DVR...

Sense of Entitlement

Response to the Vote

I Almost Had a Work Night...

Cambodia Pictures

Tech in the East


Day Two in Cambodia

Made it to Cambodia

Made it to Japan without Dying

Off to Cambodia

Firefox Cake

Cambodia Update


Countdown to FiOS - 9 days

Cambodia Bound

Vince Lombardi...Almost

Google Code Search

Bloglines is Fine

Funky Feed Formatting Fixed?

Working on Feeds

Fixed A Few Issues

Just Received My First Error

New Blog Basically Functional, But...

Blog Confusion Today and Tomorrow


Installing Team Foundation Server

C For Cookie

Victory In MPower Football

Online Code Formatter

NDDNUG Meeting Last Night

This Blog Has Moved...

I Now Support Multiple Blogging Platforms

Slow Dasblog...

The First Post From A New Blog

Now With 50% More Geek!

VS 2005, File Templates, Snippets

Significantly Stressful Times...



Review of "The Last Word" by N. T. Wright

Oxyrhynchus Mini-Lexicon...I Wish

Purchasing Oxyrhynchus

Great Blond Joke

Pantodapos - New Blog

Another Excellent Book...Boethius

Tech News - Jan 7 2006

Sick, But Back in Action

Christmas Goodies

More Info on the Complutensian Polyglot

Sophocles, Oh Sophocles

On Greek Voice And The Ordering Of Subjects


Greek Class Update: Starting Verbs

I'm A Hockey Fan

Tire in the Morning, Stars at Night

The Daily Show On the Rapture

RSS Bandit

Gentium License Loosened

Stopping Virus Emails from the CIA and FBI

Virus From the CIA?

Enjoyed the Interview, Stephen

Rico And The Correlatives

Pictures of the Study...Finally!

Age of Empires III

Doom : Could Have Been A Lot Worse

Upset That I Didn't Go to SBL :(

Finishing Study and A Game

How Microsoft Can Compete with Open Source

2.0 For CodeSmith Users

Still Not Dead

Why Muslims Hate Us


In New House, Comments Back On

New House, No Internet, No Comments

House and Disaster Update

My Parent's House Is Going To Be Leveled

A Developer Leaves MPower, And A Surprise

Greek Class #2

I Look Pretty

Back In Action

First Greek Class

I'm About to Be Homeless

New Blog Friend - The Militant Pacifist

Two Days at MPower

Feeling Illiterate

No New House... :(

New House, Baby...

MPower Systems - New Job

Jury Duty Over

Jury Duty Rocks!

Why Learn Greek

Greek Class Update

More Reading...

NDDNUG - Rob Howard on CodeSmith 3.0

Mystic River

Pure Design

Epic of Gilgamesh


The Most Boring Thing In The World


Sharpreader - Update!


Twice the MCP I Used to Be...

New Book and Current Reading

New Team System Site

Cert News

Almost Sold Our House...Again

Wider Blog...Aesthetically Problematic?

Fantastic Four - Good But Not Fantastic

Thesis Topics

Rebuilt Box...Top 10 Programs

July NDDNUG Meeting


Interesting Quote - Faith and Theology

Comments Back On

Indigo Book

P2P In Court, Part 3: What Are The Issues

CSUnit Still Surviving...

There's More Than One Way To Comment

I Think, Therefore I Blog

Higher Criticism and "The Fundamentals"

No Comments

There May Only Be One Biblioblogger


Process Information

Batman Begins


Thunderbird to Outlook

VS 2005 TreeView, Bugs

ASP.NET and FireFox

NDDNUG And ASP.NET 2.0 Data Controls

Not A Good Book Day

House For Sale...Still

Option Period and Inspection

House Search, Day 1

Anything Interesting in the Blogosphere?

Thoughts on IT Workers

The Coding Humanist Is Busy

More Letters to Add to My Name - MCP

Congrats to Bro

Inklings Conference

New and Relocated Blogs



Fishing Stories

Gone Fishing

New Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible

Update to CSNTM

The Coding Humanist - Back In Action!

Loss At War

OT Pseudepigrapha Index

Getting Started with Subversion

The Coding Humanist: Back In Action

I Love Home

Abigail Marie Sowell is born

New Internet Explorer

Arab World Anti-Americanism


Firefox Tweak

Coming Spyware for Firefox

Lexel Shared Source and Xml Serialization

Community Server and Bug Tracking

Some Cool New (to Me) Biblioblogs

Super Bowl Disappointing

One Motivation For Literalist Exegesis

Instant Messenger

Finding Some Good Podcasts...

I Am Spider-Man

Book Meme



Joining the iPod Club

Nofollow And Links

This Is Just Pitiful

Gilgamesh? That's a Surprise

Brazilian Anti-Microsoft Folks

Bloggers and Blog Places of Interest

Always Glad to Hear...

Meet the Co-Creator of Firefox

Another Sowell Responds

Fundamentalism and the Dark Ages

James Ossuary Forger Indictment

Free Culture by Lessig

Woohoo! Zhubert Has a Webservice!

New Blogs and Stuff

Feed Readers

Darth Tater


The Coming Silence on the SBL Memo

Religious Politics, Part 2

Religious Politics

A Couple of Notes

Wine Recommendations, Please

Wishing I Could Contribute...

Thinking about Hirschfeld Still

New Blogs (At Least To Me)

More Links (Tech and Game Stuff)

The Land Promise As Parable

A New Word

A Couple of Links

Back in Dallas

Interesting Least to Myself

Out of Civilization

Personal Interaction Matters

Articles: Qumran and Xen

Interesting Article from Fortune Magazine

My Best of 2004

And I Thought I Was Wierd

Actually, MSN Desktop Search Does...

Desktop Search Tools -- Again

New Bloggers

I Blog, Therefore I Am

Search Tools

Article on Virus Protection

A Free Market and Capitalism


Cool Blog Rating Tool: PubSub

Small World

Blogger Bug Update

Need A Reality Check!!!!

New Blogger

Initial Impressions of DasBlog

Up And Running Once More

Transferring Outlook

Reformatting And Transferring Thunderbird

Biblioblogger - Davide Salomoni

Call For More Bibliobloggers...

Arne Halbakken Talks NT Backgrounds

Ken Penner Talks NT Backgrounds

My Trip to Microsoft, the Irving Campus

The Coding Humanist News, Dec 8, 2004z

"Supersize Me"

Now About Pseudepigraphical Authorship...

Background Materials Revisited

The Coding Humanist News, Dec 4, 2004

Question: Philo or OT Pseudepigrapha?

Daily News

SBL purchases and commentary, Part 1

Finally, home in Dallas.

Farewell SBL

SBL, Evening, Day 4

New Blogger

SBL, Morning, Day 4

SBL, Night 3

SBL, Night 2

First SBL Night

Off to SBL

It won't be easy. Most good things aren't.

What OS are you?

A world with no conservative/liberal split

Wright's Castle

I own the Mac; it does not own me!

The Political Humanist

Build Slideshows with XHTML and CSS

Top Blogs

Browser Wars II, Interview with Spolsky

CSS Brilliance


Images of the Gospel of Peter in Greek

On Email Address Obfuscation

Can't Find a Feed? Try Guessing.

Time Flies

Google Desktop Search

ISP's and Copyrights

Nice to be appreciated

Online Critical Pseudepigrapha

Renewed Blogging

Ernest Best

Mount St Helen's Pics

On Google Searches

What is RSS and ATOM?

Article on Blogging

Nice Tech Site

Unicode and Biblical Studies

Allepo Codex

Crystal Again...

What Is A Blog?

Intro to Blogs and Blogging

Why Everyone Should Blog

NT Transcripts prototype

What Does "Coding Humanist" Mean?

Firefox is just lovely

Open Source Security Is a Myth?

Funny Site

Unofficial NT Wright Page

4 Gmail Invites

Update at

Home Site Found By Google

Remembering September 11, 2001

Public School Teachers and Private Schools

Biblical Studies Blogs

My Tech Geek Website Is Born!

Yeti Sports

Crystal Woes

Terminating The Democratic Girlie-men

I'm a CPO!

Found By Google

Installing Fedora Core 2

Spyware Tips

American Gymnastic Success...again

Arab World Analysis

American Hamm

Interview with Linus Torvalds


Interesting article on Apple/Mac history

New Christonomy Release

My First Blog...the Ramblings of Eric Sowell