"Supersize Me"

Thought I would make one entry before I was off to my daily duties. Today I get to go to a Microsoft training class on "Service Oriented Architecture", which should be cool. This is, btw, a model that I think could be employed with tremendous effectiveness in the field of biblical studies. I’ve been intending to write an article on that, and will hopefully have the time in the next month or so. But, on to my review of...

"Supersize Me" is a very interesting documentary that came out recently. If you are not already familiar with it, SM is a documentary on how one guy, as an experiment, ate every day, three times a day, at MacDonalds. The documentary shows how this affected him physically, including weight gain, general well being, and sex life. Along the way he also does some interesting interviews on how junk food is a significant problem in American life due to over consumption.

Now, this study isn’t perfect in that only a few people would actually eat at MacDonalds as much as he did. So this is not the situation of every man. But, interesting info nonetheless.

I highly recommend it. Do note that some of the material is more adult related, however, since they do use language many would consider inappropriate for public consumption and it does discuss his sex life, since it was actually relevant to the study. With those caveats in mind, I would recommend it pretty highly. Very informative.

Now off to class.