Another Proposal For What We Should Call Ourselves

Okay, so we have one comment by Jim Davila that we should maybe not use "biblioblogger." That’s fine. I’m not particularly attached to it.

Then Jim West gives us the option of "Bible Scholar Blogger," which Cook thinks is too cumbersome (and I agree).

And I think Cook is right in saying that "Bible Blogger" sounds a little fundamentalist. His suggestion is "bibliablogger".

Stephen Carlson finds merit in "bibliablogger," though also suggests "biblicoblogger."

Me...I don’t have a strong opinion at this point. If we want to consider "biblicoblogger" we might want to think about "biblicablogger", which I’m sure the journal Biblica would appreciate. I’m fine with "bibliablogger", I suppose, but it is not different enough from "biblioblogger" for most people to notice or care, I bet. So, nothing has really struck my fancy.

Though I’m glad we’ve had this conversation. I’m going to have to fit in the term "blogorrhea" into my posts occassionally. Thanks for the term, Edward.


Joshua Tallent 2004-12-11 10:32:00

Just thought I would chime in and put in my two cent’s worth. I am not a professional Biblical Scholar, not yet anyway, but I do love keeping up with all of you guys and I am hoping my blog becomes part of the process...

djchuang 2004-12-11 12:39:00

If I read this right, the desire is to Iave a one-word label for "Biblical scholars who blog"? That being the case, what’s the one-word label for "Biblical scholars"? And whatever that is, prepend it to blogger, and there you have it! :)