Need A Reality Check!!!!

Okay, I just saw something that is really confusing me. Check out When I go there I see someone else’s blog content for the posts, but my links and bio on the right side of the page. Also, it has some messed up html/css and renders very poorly in IE. Am I imagining things? Guess it’s a bug in Blogger... Am I the only one seeing this?

Am I the only one seeing this? Thoughts, anyone?


Tim 2004-12-13 08:03:00

Yes, it looks to me as if you have moved to the UK and are teaching Hermeneutics! Perhaps you should write to yourself and sort yourself out!

I use Blogger too, so I wonder where else I might be today... This new form of ubiquity opens such wondrous possibilities ;)

Eric Sowell 2004-12-13 10:05:00

I’m glad to hear that I’m not going crazy. Thanks.