It has been so long...

Working primarily of a new version of Should be much nicer. Plan on moving my blog there and away from Blogger. But I’ve got a lot of work to do. And then, when I finish that, I’ve got my many other projects :)

Been doing LOTS of listening to podcasts recently. I’ve been looking for decent biblical studies podcasts and haven’t really found one yet that interests me. If you do one, or know of some good ones, let me know.

Also been listening to music from The site is like a huge collection of independently recorded and produced music. All of it can be listened to online, some of it downloaded. Some stuff is of rather low quality, but some of it is fantastic. I’ve been mostly listening to alternative rock and metal, but some other genres. If you like rock, check out Damsel Fly. They have one song online there you can download, but have two more on their site (link at Excellent sound. If you’re into piano, check out Rob Costlow. Heard him first on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code.

And a new version of iTunes came out today, allowing you to subscribe and automatically download podcasts. Cool. I like it so sar. I’ll try to remember to let you know how it is after I’ve had more time using it. Regardless, this is a very needed thing for those addicted to podcasts.