CSNTM Fundraiser Dinner

Anybody local readers here in good ol’ Dallas going to the CSNTM dinner tomorrow night? If you are let me know. We should chat.


Chuck Grantham 2008-04-26 12:56:09

I’d go a long way for a good meal, but not that far.

Brett 2008-04-26 09:06:08


I offered to fly in to help but Dan insisted they had enough volunteers. Having lived in Tennessee I have experience as a volunteer!! (I know, there’s another bad joke. BTW, that grape joke was one of my best. So, to repair my reputation, I’ll try another...)

What did the indian say when his dog fell off the cliff? Dog, gone.

Now try to convince me THAT wasn’t funny.

How you pause with "Dog, gone" is kind of important to get it just right. Don’t say the words too close; allow for a strategic pause.

Be sure to give us an update on how it goes. Are you one of the speakers?

Eric 2008-04-26 02:07:57

That one is a little better, but I think you have some work to do. No, I’m not one of the speakers. All I do for them is webmastering and collation. You know, the fun parts.

Mike 2008-04-26 05:46:24

I wanted to, but I didn’t get the RSVP in...

Eric 2008-04-26 05:49:37

I’ll try to remember to take notes :)