Site Update - January 21, 2008

I updated the site and added a few things. First, I’m starting now to put collations of ancient texts up here on the site. You can find them on my collations page. I have a number of other chapters collated but I have not yet converted them to the proper format. Some were from the class projects I mentioned before, though I can’t include any of the collations of the newly discovered manuscripts themselves...which I still can’t talk about. When that info is released to the public I will certainly let you know, faithful readers. Since I am collating new stuff as well you can’t use the existence of these collations as proof for what kind of manuscripts we were looking haha! Feel free to guess, though I will neither confirm nor deny anything you have to say. I will give you a hint, however: they were not the autographs :)

The collations can be viewed in a number of different formats. I’m doing this by holding the data in Xml files and transforming that into HTML, Pdf, and Word. I will probably post more on that process some other time on my other blog.

I added the Google site search feature. Now you can search the site. That was surprisingly easy, by the way.

Another easy thing was to make the RSS feed for the blog visible to Firefox. Now you can subscribe by clicking on that little orange feed icon if you’re using Firefox.

And last but certainly not least, I am officially releasing everything on the site not otherwise noted under a creative commons attribution license. At this point the "not otherwise noted" category doesn’t include anything. Essentially, this means you can use anything on the site in whatever way you want. You can put it on your site. You can use it to teach. You can even sell it (good luck with that!). You just have to give me credit.