Clearly, I Am Hot. Oh so hot.

A friend (Edward) sent me to a link that is surely scientifically backed since it perfectly conforms to what I expect. If I were a university professor, I would likely be teaching a language (Greek) or classes in biblical studies. So clearly, as you can see from this link, I am mega-hot.

Go ahead and disagree, Chuck, but science has my back.


Chuck Grantham (1/28/2009 11:43 PM)

Hot or not, you guys are definitely very pathetic.

Got a study on that one?

Eric (1/28/2009 11:47 PM)

I am sad now.

Mike Aubrey (1/29/2009 0:08 AM)

Don’t listen him, Eric, I doubled check with my wife, language guys are both hot and awesome.

Eric (1/29/2009 0:08 AM)

Finally! Someone with a nice scientific head on his shoulders.

Chuck Grantham (1/29/2009 6:13 PM)

The only thing a wife’s opinion about her husband proves upon typical examination of the husband is that women are indeed the nobler sex.

Eric (1/29/2009 8:04 PM)

True dat.