What Is A Blog?

A blog, which is short for weblog (a log on the web...get it?). They are done for many reasons. Somebody may just want a place to write down what they’re feeling. Someone else will use it to teach others on various subjects. Some will use them as convenient notebooks for various pieces of facts. Some just do it for fun. There really are a number of reasons why people blog, and you can literally blog anything you want to blog.

Also, a part of this idea of the blog is that they go on the web. This is one reason why a blog is different from a diary. Blogs are generally public.

You can also generally blog for free. There are a number of free blogging services out there that will allow you to blog in minutes, and for no cost. Blogger is the one I currently use and it is free. So, now you know what a blog is.

Well, want some examples of blogs? Here’s a few:

Scobleizer. Definitely my favorite tech blogger. He’s a Microsoft guy and, as a .NET developer, I find lots of what he says to be interesting.

NT Gateway Weblog. A blog maintained by a biblical scholar. Mostly about topics related to biblical studies.

http://acnmlibrary.blogspot.com/. Not a common use for a blog. Essentially, it is a posting place for a library.

Psalm Eight Photography. This guy uses his blog as a mini photo album (and he has nice pics)

Or, take this blog for example. I have tech stuff. I talk about online games. I talk about excavations of ancient documents. Really, it is just a place for me to talk about random stuff that I find interesting, and think somebody else in this world might as well. Now you’re blog, you can make that whatever you want. The glory of blogging.

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John Tropea 2004-09-21 08:06:00


I suppose the acnmlibrary blog isn’t entirely a common use for a blog but it has been handy for me as I don’t know html. By using this blog I can use it as a links hub of resources and also post weekly newsletters..which are emailed or syndicated to subscribers.

Eric Sowell 2004-09-21 08:28:00

Yes, unusual. But clever. I’ve seen a few other blogs that are more untraditional (as if blogging was old enough to establish a tradition or anything...) like the acnmlibrary blog. I’m curious to see how often people use blogs in this way and how it works out for them. Apparently it works well for you! And thanks for visiting here.