The Real Eric

Some people see me as a programmer. Some people see me as a student of Scripture and Greek. But you will never really know the real Eric until to watch this video:


Nick Norelli (2/7/2008 8:32 AM)

I was just talking to my dad about Bananaman the other day. How funny!

Eric (2/8/2008 7:30 AM)

I think it is more than funny. I think that is God’s way of saying that you need to add me to your blogroll on your blog. Clearly this is the proper interpretation of providence :)

Nick Norelli (2/8/2008 12:26 PM)

In good time my friend. You have to pay your feed reader dues first. BTW, where’s your blogroll?

Eric (2/8/2008 12:37 PM)

I figured you would point that out :). Yes, I still need to add a blogroll to the site...