April 13th Miscellany

Miscellaneous thoughts I’m having today and news:

  1. I have another blog (on which I infrequently post these days) that talks a little about the other professional aspect of my life, programming. Yes, I am a geek twice over. I went to the launch for Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008. Pretty okay event, but it was no Tech Ed. But I got some free software and swag...
  2. For those interested in learning Greek via Athenaze, there is an online class for learning via Athenaze here: http://www.biblicalgreek.org/. I don’t really know anything about it so I’m not vouching for it. Just thought I would point it out. If you do try it, either blog about it (and let me know) or just let me know and I’ll make a note of it.
  3. Whoever is at ip address is really annoying. This person (or, more likely, automated bot) always hits my site about 10 times a day, always in clumps of two with hits bout 7-10 seconds apart, and only visits one page, a blog post from last November about a synoptic gospels book. It’s not even that awesome of a post, but this constant hitting of the page throws my page view counts off. As it is those hits make that my sixth most popular post. Take those out and its a the bottom of the list. Annoying.
  4. And speaking of annoying things, I did my taxes today. One day early! I itemized my deductions and counted up all of the sales tax on receipts I had kept. That was very annoying. But, it will get me back more cash for books. Anything for books. And no, I don’t follow Jim’s advice.
  5. The problem with some series is that they take a ton of work, like this new one I just took on. I’m working through the Apostolic Fathers and working out how authority worked for them. Here is my latest, and first real, post on the epistle to Diognetus. Well, I am actually still working on 1 Clement. Now that overtime at work is over I have time to work on it again. But it is very time consuming. The author’s use of Scripture is extensive, so there is a ton of data, but that’s better than no data at all. I’m not complaining. Just thought I would let you know that it is coming.

Off to my reading chair...

[Update: 4/14/2008 - 12:04 AM]: Oops, forgot a couple things that I meant to put in before I clicked the "Post" button.

  1. I’ve made a little more progress in my reading of the Protoevangelium of James, but just one chapter. I did, however, reread the first six chapters on the train to the launch event I mentioned above. It’s a lot faster after your first time through the text, especially if you’ve taken the time to jot down the vocab you don’t know, which I have.
  2. I checked out a great book from the DTS library on the Gospel of Mary. It’s called "The Gospel of Mary" and is written by Christopher Tuckett. It’s a great book. Amazon has it for a meager $120. I was hoping Eisenbrauns would come to my rescue, as they did for me with Lampe, but it doesn’t look like they have it. James, can you hear my damsel-in-distress-like cry for help? And why would Oxford charge that much for such a small book (yes, I blame them, not Amazon)? Very frustrating...
  3. I recently redesigned my sidebar for the blog. I think it looks cooler now.

Hopefully I didn’t forget anything else...

[/End Update]


James 2008-04-14 09:09:18


Can’t help you. Oxford sets the price according to the British Pound, which is hammering the dollar right now.

But, don’t despair; I found one on Abe for less than half the list: http://www.bestwebbuys.com/9780199212132


Eric 2008-04-14 10:30:33

That’s a good buy. It says it’s used, but the description on the website says it is actually new, so that looks like a good deal. Now to find the cash to buy it... Thanks for pointing that out. You come to my rescue yet one more time!

James 2008-04-14 11:06:00

I should get a percentage of their sale : )


Valerie 2008-04-14 11:46:41

Sorry, no doubt that is me. My browser has a built in feed reader and I’ve kept posts that were interesting to me. I’m very embarassed.

Eric 2008-04-14 07:53:37

Valerie: Well, glad to know where that comes from! Of course if that is you, then the polling behavior of your feed reader is a little strange. Why would it hit the page twice every time and 7-10 seconds apart? What browser and feed reader is that? I’m curious...

Valerie 2008-04-16 05:07:39

I’m using Opera and the reader is built in. I can’t imagine why it would be pinging your site so often, but I’m guessing that you cannot be the only one. I’ve been working offline to backup my bookmarks and saved posts and I’ll either reinstall Opera without using its reader or switch to another browser altogether.

Please let me know if it keeps happening, or if you’ve gotten any hits in the last couple of days (because I’ve been offline completely since shortly after my last post).

Eric 2008-04-16 09:23:57

Valerie, I don’t think it is you. Whatever it is uses different user agent strings in each two-hit clump. None of them say Opera. And yes, I don’t see why a reader would have that behavior anyway. So feel free to continue doing what you are doing. Certainly don’t reinstall just on my account!

Valerie 2008-04-17 08:46:56

Hmmm. Okay, thanks for letting me know.