Got a New Toy...

I am so very pleased that I finally got a new laptop! It is a Dell Studio 17" and I’ve got Vista Ultimate running on it. We’ll see how much I like the new OS (my first Vista machine). The new laptop is great and I’m looking forward to doing my tinkering around in it. Unfortunately, my tinkering tonight is going to keep my editing of the next podcast until tomorrow...doh!

Getting a new computer, or rebuilding one, is always a lot of work for me. I have more large programs to install than the typical Joe on my computers, like Visual Studio, Sql Server and a host of other development tools on top of the Office and Bibleworks install I have to do. It is kinda fun, I suppose, though I’m ready for it to be over so I can start seeing how much I enjoy developing on it.

This is my first new laptop in five years. My last laptop (also Dell) gave me five good years of Windows XP. I’m hoping this one lasts as long. Since I will be developing on it, I max’d out the ram and processor, and upgraded the display so I have a whopping 1920x1200 resolution on my monitor. It’s rockin’!


Bryan Lilly (10/14/2008 8:54 AM)

I wasn’t too fond of Vista. It wasn’t that it was horrible, it was just... blah. Nothing was improved. The biggest problem is that it devours resources, but since you are maxed out that shouldn’t be a problem, and you’ll probably find it more enjoyable than I did.

Eric (10/18/2008 8:42 AM)

Well, it has been several days now and I’m really liking it. I know it is partly because of the upgrade in hardware that came with this purchase, but after initial boot (that does take a little bit longer) everything I run seems significantly faster.