Sharpreader - Update!

Do you know what a feed reader is? If you do, skip to the next paragraph. If you don’t, read this one. A feed reader is a program that helps you organize and keep up with changes happening on any site that has an RSS feed, like most blogs and some sites. Sound useful? It is. Say you’ve got two sites that have RSS feeds that you watch but you don’t use a feed reader. You have to visit those sites any time you want to see if something new has come out. With two sites this isn’t very tedious. But what about ten sites? Or fifty? If there are a number of sites that syndicate their content via RSS that you care about, you can subscribe to their feeds and your feed reader can keep you updated in regard to new material.

My favorite feed reader is Sharpreader. I have only had one problem with it, which I emailed him about, but according to his release notes he seems to have fixed it. That means I like everything about this program. If you’re a windows user and you’re not running a really old OS like Windows 98, check it out.