The Coming Silence on the SBL Memo

Well, it appears that someone, and it is probably I, has bothered Jim of the Biblical Theology blog about commenting on the SBL note without being a member. I guess, since I was a member, and continue to go to the meetings even though I’m not currently a member, it felt natural to comment. But I think he has a point. If it is not yet meant for public announcement, I don’t need to be commenting on it (unless I go ahead and cough up the funds to rejoin). So, I’ll hold myself back unless something changes (it goes public or I renew my membership). Sorry for perturbing anyone.


Stephen C. Carlson 2005-01-14 10:46:00

No, please, don’t hold back. The portion quoted about not copying the link is, IMHO, because of technical reasons, not because of any in-house discussion policy. The URL we were given points to some CGI-script with a unique identifying number embedded in the URL. Copying the URL would mess up how the survey is audited.