New Blogs and Stuff

Though I am refraining from commenting at the moment (though thanks to those who still encourage me to do so - you make me feel good), Goodacre has weighed in with his opinion.

Also, there are some new blogs afoot that are of interest. The first two don’t really look new, but they’re new to me. They actually come from Goodacre’s post, one is Canonist and another, which is from the Canonist blog is Apikorsus. Hopefully they’ll have some entertaining and educational things to say to the world.

I am most excited to hear of the new Macbiblioblog. In his scope post he mentions what he is most interested in blogging about, and I am interested to hear what he has to say in all cases (except maybe Applescript...). It is also good to see another DFW biblioblogger. It seems we have a growing number. What’s wrong with the rest of the world? :) Good to have you online, Joe.