Cinderella Man - Do We Have An Oscar Winner Here?

The last post reminded me that I never said anything about "Cinderella Man". I saw it last week with my my friend Johnnie.

Excellent...excellent...excellent. Ron Howard + Russell Crow = Excellent Movie. Though I don’t believe it is good as their "A Beautiful Mind", it is close. Howard is a great directory, and Crow, in my opinion, is the best male actor around these days. Once again these stellar movie dudes pull off an excellent film.

The movie is about boxing. If you don’t like boxing, though, still go see it. There’s not a ton of fighting. It’s like 90% drama and 10% boxing, if that. Excellent film. Have I said that already?

Not that this really matters, but I actually saw it with my friend Johnnie last week. Oops.


Anonymous 2005-07-09 03:20:00

hello, eavesdropping on your blog again ... Russell Crowe is a New Zealander - of course he’s great! (Peter Jackson etc) Growing up with all that clean air, beautiful land, delicious coastline and friendly kiwis in Aotearoa - Kia Ora!

Kirk H. Sowell 2005-07-09 08:35:00

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Kirk H. Sowell 2005-07-09 08:37:00

"...I saw it last Saturday with my big brother..."

You did?

Eric Sowell 2005-07-09 08:58:00

Nope, you’re right. We saw Batman. I saw Cinderella Man with my friend Johnnie.

Well, Kirk, you should go watch it!

Kirk H. Sowell 2005-07-09 11:33:00

I have to say I was more surprised by this post than anything else you have written.

Kirk H. Sowell 2005-07-09 11:35:00

And by the way, I googled myself for the first time in months a few minutes ago. I’m now up to 565 hits - 25 more than you.

Eric Sowell 2005-07-09 06:18:00

Yes, I would be surprised if someone claimed to watch a movie with me that I hadn’t seen.