Coming Spyware for Firefox

Via Slashdot, Newsforge is predicting the spyware creators are going to start targetting Firefox.

mozillaZine responds by saying "Hey morons, they’ve already started." That’s a very loose quotation :)

But shouldn’t we all see this coming? Spyware and virus producers are going to focus on is popular. It only makes sense. And now that Firefox is gaining momentum, their reputation is going to start to get tarnished as flaws are detected because more people start looking for them. I’m not bashing the browser. I use it 99% of the time. People are going to have to stop saying "Firefox is the safe browser and IE is the one full of security holes." Now, IE will probably have more. But a more reasonable attitude toward Firefox’s security is a smart idea.

The same will probably hold true for Linux if they ever get around to popularity in the desktop market. But, we’ll have to wait to see if that happens.


Kirk H. Sowell 2005-02-08 11:50:00

There is a top of the page article in the Marketplace section of the Journal today about how Microsoft is trying to fight its security problems by purchasing security firms; they just bought a big one.

DarthCoder 2005-02-08 01:44:00

Thats what I have been saying for years...the only reason linux appears to have fewwerr security holes, is because it does not have the exposure that Windows has. Given time and resources hackers will find holes in linux also.

Eric Sowell 2005-02-08 04:56:00

I don’t think this is the first time that they’ve bought a security company. It makes sense. It’s a good move politically because it at least looks like they’re trying to move toward a more secure platform. And, in theory, maybe they can move forward more quickly on security with this new acquisition.

Eric Sowell 2005-02-08 04:57:00

Yes, Chris. It seems we do agree.

Kirk H. Sowell 2005-02-08 12:19:00

It isn’t the first security firm that Microsoft has purchased, actually it is the third, but it is largest, by far. The other two included a Romanian company and then, last Dec., a small American company.