Search Tools

Been mostly busy for the last few days. I’ve either been programming for the NET GEMS project or hanging out with the fam. I can’t wait till the long weekend that’s coming up...

I’ve been evaluating MSN Desktop Search recently, trying to compare it to Google’s. I very much prefer how Google’s displays results (partly, I’m sure, because I use Google exclusively online for search).

So far I’m leaning with MSN Desktop Search at the moment, even though I like Google’s interface better. It appears that MSN indexes code files, including C# files and C++ .h and .cpp files. This gives MSN’s search an advantage over Google’s for the programmer, though is of no relevance for most.

I’m avoiding putting a desktop search engine on my main PC until I’ve decided which one to use. My laptop has become my testing ground. I’m trying to avoid superfluous installs, just to make this install and clean as possible. If anyone has any suggestions of other programs that you think would be advantageous, please drop me a note or put a comment on my blog.


I forgot to add that in a few cases the Google desktop search did bring back better results. I’ve got a feeling that MSN isn’t finished indexing my hard drive yet, but I figured this should be mentioned anyway. More later.