What Does "Coding Humanist" Mean?

Good question.

First, what does coding mean? Well, I code for a living. I love to code.

Second, what is a humanist? Well, look to the great wikipedia for the answer. Here’s where I’m coming from:

"Renaissance humanism was the cultural movement in Europe beginning in central Italy in the late 14th century, that revived and refined the language (in particular the Greek language), science, philosophy and poetry of classical antiquity."

I have a particular love for Greek. I’ve been studying it for years. I dig it.

So what is a "Coding Humanist"? He’s a person who not only likes to code and study Greek, but one who likes to code to help in the study of Greek. That’s me.

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking. I am well aware that being a tech geek and being a Greek geek make me a double-geek. But that’s okay. I have embraced my geek-dom.

So now you know why this blog is the blog of the coding humanist.


TaurusOutlawRook 2004-09-19 02:32:00

hey, i’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. i’m simply trying to find actual historical literature pertaining to god casting lucifer and his cohorts down from heaven. i was under the impression that its called the Apocrypha. i looked that up online, found no such lit, found a new word (pseudepigrapha), and that was a dead end too. anyone have any idea where i can access literature pertaining to Luke and his boys heading south ?
thanx cylphen @ yahoo