Apologies for Commenting Issues

My apologies to those who have tried to comment and have received errors. I’ve been trying to upgrade the comment form. I forgot to turn off some server-side validation...which was keeping some comments from being posted. My apologies! If you have any other issues, let me know. And Brett, thanks for pointing it out.


Nathan Stitt 2008-05-01 03:29:23





Eric 2008-05-01 03:40:15

Congratulations. Your test post was successful.

Nathan Stitt 2008-05-02 05:37:49

Thanks for the upgrade. I forgot to test link support and smilies.




Eric 2008-05-04 06:27:07

Smilies don't work. Links would work if I hadn't accidentally removed the button (you can't type html directly into this box as it turns it into text). But since this is causing a script issue for Safari (I hear), I'm probably going to be switching again soon anyway.