Transferring Outlook

Transferring Outlook emails is very easy, just like Thunderbird. The email is generally stored in a file called Outlook.pst. If you find that, you can open that up directly by Outlook and get all your stuff. Worked for me, anyway.

Now I’m at the really scary part. All data has been trasferred. Now I’m sitting at the place in setup where you partition your drives and format. Yep, this is when the data is really gone. Well, here goes. Hope I didn’t miss anything...


Alex 2004-12-11 05:49:00

Couple weeks ago I ran into similar trouble. I was lucky and rapidly managed with it. In that situation I thanked one tool. It was found at a soft forum and I’m sure it is able to get better of this trouble or any similar issue as well - how to repair pst file in windows xp.