I was asking my friend Mike, my personal beverage expert, about Greek wine the other day. He said he hadn’t heard of any Greek wines, but that there was a drink generally associated with Greece called Ouzo (see Wikipedia entry on Ouzo here). So, Mike and I dropped by and I got a bottle of "12 Ouzo" from Sigels and I tried it(since I like their language so much, shouldn’t I try their drink?). It is a fairly strong liqueur, so I it’s probably not a good idea to take a large gulp or drink large amounts. If you try it you’ll find that it tastes like licorice(because of the anice in it), except with a very strong kick :)

I like it. More than vodka or gin (don’t really like those much at all, at least not the kinds I tried) but probably a little less than brandy. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, check out Ouzo.

Interesting fact: if you mix it with water, the originally clear Ouzo becomes a milky white. That’s pretty cool. For more information on that, and other stuff, also check out this site.