Why Chris Tilling Should Read My Blog

Over at his blog Chris Tilling asked for people to point out their blogs so he could add them to his feed reader if he found the blog interesting. So Chris, here is why you should read my blog religiously:

  1. I agree that N.T. Wright is always right. We both know this. How could anyone with such a cool name be wrong, especially on New Testament interpetration?
  2. I also like Shaun of the Dead.
  3. I read Ignatius. He is a big fan of bishops. N.T. Wright is a bishop. Therefore it is clear that Ignatius is N.T. Wright’s fanboy. Now, Ignatius couldn’t see through time or anything, but clearly the early bishops were just a type of Wright...
  4. I think the German language is cool.
  5. I have read some of Zwingli. I mean, he’s definitely a great reformer, but can you really compare him to Wright? I think we need to pray for Jim that he would upgrade his library and start reading Wrightly.
  6. I used one of your supervisor’s books for my master’s thesis. I thought it was intelligent.
  7. When Wright became canon theologian of Westminster abbey, I was sure that was a sign that his Christian Origins series should be added to the canon of Scripture. At the pace he is going, the number of volumes in the set may get up to the number of books in the commonly accepted NT canon anyway...which would be another compelling sign. You just can’t beat JVG.
  8. Though there may be doubters, I think you can rhyme.
  9. I shook hands with Wright at the SBL in Atlanta GA a while back. I haven’t washed my right hand since. I would even swear it glowed for weeks.
  10. I always think you are funny.

Clearly, Chris. With so much in common, how could you not like my blog?


Chris Tilling 2008-01-30 01:26:12

Hilarious!! Consider yourself added, and knighted "Sir Wrighteous" for such a display of godly wisdom.

Eric 2008-01-31 09:39:08

That is a title I will proudly wear!