Interesting Quote - Faith and Theology

I was just turned on to the Faith and Theology blog by the Euangelion blog. I really liked the following quote from Benjamin, the author of the new blog, mixed in with some good Käsemann:

The great problem, then, is to speak the gospel in such a way that it really is the same message—in other words, to change the message precisely so that it can remain the same. Ernst Käsemann described this problem, when he said that “continuity with the past is preserved [only] by shattering the received terminology, the received imagery, the received theology—in short, by shattering the tradition.... The truth is that it is this variation which makes continuity possible at all” (“The Problem of the Historical Jesus,” in Essays on New Testament Themes, pp. 20-21).

Interesting post, though I would rephrase it more along the theme of "theology exists for the sake of right thinking" rather than "theology exists for the sake of preaching", which would then serve preaching. But that’s just me.

Anyway, welcome to the biblioblogosphere.