Apologies on being late in finishing up my trip reports. I know some of you have asked for them. Apparently, not sleeping during the night a couple nights (not continuous) before a 20-ish flight and layover sequence back to the states is a recipe for exhaustion. I’ve been able to make it to work for semi-normal work hours (used up all my vacation so I didn’t have much of a choice), but other than that I’ve been absolutely exhausted. More tired than I’ve ever been before. So beat that I couldn’t hardly think, read, write, watch TV...nothing. I am, however, coming out of it apparently, so I will be resuming my posts (likely) today, and will hopefully finish up the backlog of trip posts tomorrow.

I guess I’m getting old.


Roger Pearse 2009-05-05 08:46:35

Your health comes first. Without it you won’t be able to do *anything*. So make that #1 priority. Blogging reports is so NOT a #1 priority.

A lot of people in their 20’s have nervous breakdowns. They don’t realise that the life-energy within them is gradually ebbing away, and that their bodies will not tolerate the kind of abuse they did at 19. So they overwork, and damage themselves permanently. Then they can never really work hard again.

Don’t do it. And... Sunday is a rest day for a reason. Don’t do on Sunday anything you do in the rest of the week, no chores, etc, and you’ll find it a guardian against serious harm.

Just my thoughts, but I’ve seen a thing or two.