Pics from SBL 08

It’s picture posting time! A little late but better than never.

Here’s a pic from my hotel room window just before I left. Unfortunately that morning it started raining :(

Here are my pics from the Biblioblogger dinner. I apparently had a smudge on my camera so many of you on the right hand side are smudgy. Sorry!

Good to meet all of you!


Earl Barnett (12/4/2008 11:21 PM)

haha, I didn’t expect to see friends in the pictures.

glad to hear it was a good time.

Calvin (12/5/2008 7:14 AM)

The dinner was actually a blast. Nice to have met everyone.

danielandtonya (12/6/2008 8:18 AM)

Cool. Thanks for posting the pics. It was great meeting you and thanks for sharing the tomatoes and mozzarella.

Eric (12/6/2008 13:01 PM)

It was good to meet all of you!

Earl, maybe you can come to SBL next year...