It Has Been A Long Time...And A Note on Zwingli

Wow, have I been busy. Workload and stress has increased at RealPage. And yes, family takes up time. And yes, I’ve got other things to do you know! I haven’t even really been keeping up with the blogosphere. So, I’m trying to resurrect my blogging life again. It has been 11 days!

Of course, there is so much to comment on. I’ll begin with only one thing, though, from Jim West. This is probably because you appear at the top of my RSS feed list alphabetically. I noticed with great interest the new Zwingli store that Jim West apparently created.

I have actually wondered for some time what Jim’s fascination with Zwingli was. Care to explain how this came about? My first "I love Zwingli" moment came when I read his "On Providence". For a number of years I have held to a view of salvation, election, and providence that fit much more closely with the Reformed view than more Arminian-ish view I grew up believing. I read modern authors, as well as both Luther (and his oppenent, Erasmus) and Calvin (I would have read his opponent, Pighius, if I could have found an English translation of his work) on the subject before coming to Zwingli, but quickly found Zwingli to be the best of them all in my opinion. Of course, I’m apparently not as huge a fan of Zwingli as Jim is, but I like him a lot :)

So, when I can, I’m going to have to get me a coffee mug or shirt.