Small World

It is an incredibly small world. Let me tell you how.

First, I am from Southeast Texas, near Beaumont.

Second, I get contacted by a fellow biblioblogger (I think I’ll go back to the term as well since a number of you out there are) named Joshua Tallent, who has a blog entitled The Four Questions.

Third, a friend at work tells me about a blog called Randomize, which is run by a fellow named Richard Tallent. My friend says "he has a brother who blogs who knows who you are," which is the above mentioned Joshua Tallent.

Fourth, he’s a .NET programmer and uses dasBlog (which I’m looking into).

So we come from the same area, I came into contact with him and his brother through separate means, and we share a lot of the same interests. And all this in two days! Not bad, eh?

So, I contacted him via posting a note on one of his entries. Couldn’t find his email. Maybe he’ll contact me. I’ve got some questions for him. And, btw, he has a very interesting blog. I recommend it.

Small world.