I’m continuing on my series on blogs, well, sort of. I’m sure you know what a blog is now. To know what a podcast is, just think blog-put-to-audio and you basically have it.

The name came from the combination of two different words, broadcasting and the iPod. To broadcast in such a way that someone can download it and put it on their iPod is, well, podcasting. The concept is really broader than just an audio blog. So, if you hear the term, now you know. You’ll find a nice historical discussion at Wikipedia.

If you broaden podcasting to include not just blogs, I’ve found some good tech resources. First is DotNetRocks. Lots of interesting discussions on issues related to .NET programming. Often entertaining.

Second is ITConversations. Some pretty neat stuff mixed in with some stuff I don’t find quite as interesting. They are constantly updating with new material, though, so that’s good.

The only audio blog I’ve listened to is Adam Curry (note: some will find some of his content objectionable). Interesting guy. An ex DJ at MTV.

Now me, I listen to podcasts the authentic way...on the iPod. But, really, just listening at your computer at home or work is good too.