Joining the iPod Club

Well, yesterday I officially joined the iPod club. I got a refurbished silver iPod mini from a local CompUsa at a discount. So far I love it. Easy to navigate. Management of my mp3’s on it isn’t too bad either.

So what do I have filling up that 4 GB of space? A little over half is music (mostly rock). I also downloaded Ephesians and Mark in Greek from, as well as some podcasts/online spoken audio stuff from ITConversations and DotNetRocks. And as soon as I get some more Khmer audio resources, I’ll add that too.

I would appreciate any recommendations in terms of podcasting. I’m pretty sure I’ll be listening to a lot of those now.

So, after less than 24 hours of usage, I must say I already love my iPod.


Jim 2005-02-01 07:50:00

I love mine too Eric. My brother gave it to me for my birthday and I have one of the 20 gb types. Mine is populated by Mozart and Bach and Haydn and the like (with, I confess, about a dozen rock songs from Styx and Meatloaf and Bon Jovi). I think you should put some Mozart on yours too! ;-)

Eric Sowell 2005-02-01 08:36:00

Wow. Old school rock :)

You’re right, I do need to put some classical on there. Beethoven is my favorite, so I’ll probably have to make sure I get plenty of his stuff on there. But a little Mozart won’t hurt either!

Anonymous 2005-02-01 10:47:00

What about Khmer?

Eric Sowell 2005-02-01 11:16:00

My church is supporting some mission work in Cambodia. One of the things some of us will be doing is to write biblical studies related material to be translated into Khmer. We’ll be getting professional translators to do the work, though I’m learning Khmer to let me go back and check their work. And it will be useful if I ever go there. Why do you ask, oh Anonymous one? Know of any good audio resources?