Terminating The Democratic Girlie-men

I thoroughly enjoyed Arnold last night at the Republican National Convention (no, I wasn’t there...TV). Loved it. Tuned out when the Bush daughters started talking and thus missed the first lady (unfortunately), but thoroughly enjoyed Arnold.

What was his appeal? Well, the obvious goal of the speech was to re-elect Bush to the Whitehouse, but there was a whole lot less of that than I expected (rightly or wrongly, I suppose). His appeal was an appeal on two fronts. First, we should be patriotic because America just kicks political, humanitarian, and economic butt. Second, there is no place in the world that an immigrant like himself could get a better chance than in America. This was a very pro-America speech; more pro-America than it was pro-Bush. But, of course, he tied it in to Bush by saying that he was the best one to protect these truths about America.

I thought it was great. There were several movie lines of his that he threw in for good measure and I didn’t think they were overdone (though I still can’t help but laugh sometimes when I think that the Terminator is governor of California). I’m hoping that the perceived audience of this, the immigrants of the US, will find what Arnold said to be motivating enough to go to the voting booth in November and vote for W. And it would be especially great if a Republican actually won the presidential race in California. Highly unlikely...but that would be just fabulous.