Finding Some Good Podcasts...

I have been enjoying listening to podcasts the last few days, which I’ve noted recently. Most of my work-day/night generally involves coding, so I don’t find the time to read that I would like. Podcasts actually help with this quite a bit. Along with techie podcasts, I’ve also been listening to some N.T. Wright lectures that are quite good. If you’re a veteran Wright reader, especially if you’ve read his Jesus and the Victory of God, you’ll probably not get a whole lot of new information out of them. The N.T. Wright page has links to these lectures. I’ve listened to the first three mentioned ("Jesus and the Kingdom", "Jesus and God", and "Jesus and the Cross") which are in a series. If you haven’t ever had a Wright experience, I recommend them. Start with "Jesus and the Kingdom." And I’m always looking for more interesting audio by biblical scholars. If you know any, please let me know.

I’ve also found a nice podcasting series on wine. If you’re interested, check out Grape Radio.


Anonymous 2005-02-05 11:12:00

Great Podcast on Wine! I now have a beautiful understanding of the grapes, vines, and such!
Keep us informed on any more interesting ones you find!
Bravo Sir!!!