New Feature: Text Snippets

Some things have come up and I think I’m going to have to dump most of my studying and writing schedule this week. For the next 8-9 days I’m going to be coding like a maniac. This, however, does not mean you should ignore this site for a week. To the contrary! I’ve got an update that will definitely make your day (well, for some of you) coming up here in the next few days. I promise. In general you’ll see me pop in and make notes, but don’t expect anything profound (like you would expect that out of me anyway...).

Today I am adding a new feature to the site. If you visited the site in the last thirty minutes you might have received some nasty error messages. Well, I was in the middle of an update! But I digress. So what is it today? Today I added to my "Texts" section of the site my text snippet browser.

The idea of my snippet browser is that it gives me a place to start saving snippets of text for later use. I run across things all the time and think "I need to write that down somewhere" but I didn’t (until now) have a good place to do that. Sometimes the snippets will be more modern (like this one from Emerson). More often, though, they will be from folks who have been dead for a very long time (like this one from Ignatius).

When I can, I post with English translation and original language source because, well, that’s much cooler (like this one from Wittgenstein).

Perhaps the most useful feature is that I’m tagging them. You can see my current tags here and get the the snippets annotated by them. I would doubt anyone other than myself would find searching for snippets via authors or books and not tags helpful.

If you visit now you will find there to be very few snippets. I just completed it. Over time it will grow and become more useful. For now, though, it may just remain a tool that is useful for me. We’ll see.

For now the navigation of the snippets is at the very best suboptimal. I’m going to revisit that as I get more snippets. Any comments on this are welcome. I hope you, my wonderful readership, someday find this useful.