Holiday Goals

So I took all of this week and next off from work. Yay! Looking forward to getting a lot of stuff done…but only fun stuff. I will be avoiding the less pleasant things as much as possible. Need a vacation. Anyway, here’s what I’m hoping to be doing a lot of:

  1. Sleep. Yeah, don’t do enough of that.
  2. Reading. Thinner (Stephen King), Odd Thomas (Koontz), Ecclesiastic History (Eusebius) and (finish) Jesus and the Eyewitnesses (Bauckham) are on my short list. Will definitely get these read. If I finish those and I have time, I have a bazillion others that need to be read.
  3. Draw. A lot. Need practice.
  4. Finish Rewriting My Blog. I’m rewriting my blog in ASP.NET MVC. Haven’t had a lot of time to focus on it recently. I guess I’m about a third done. First I’ll move this blog then my Archaic Christianity blog.
  5. Write. Plan on doing some writing for as well as some writing for the AC blog.
  6. Prep OT Survey. The Militant Pacifist and I are doing a seven week OT survey during Sunday School starting in January. Need to finish up the whole set of handouts and notes.

This should keep me busy, but in a good way.