Wishing I Could Hack My DVR...

So I’ve got some stuff on my DVR that I would like to copy off to my computer for burning to dvd. Unfortunately, I’ve not been very successful yet. I have one of my techie friends over to help, and he made more progress than I did, but we’re still stumped.

Using Nmap we found out all the ip’s on my network (the dvr happens to be I wonder if that is standard.) and the open ports on the DVR (21303 and 21306).

Also according to Nmap it is running, in its words, Microsoft IIS SSL. Hmmmm...I’m a little surprised to see windows on there. Maybe I could run a website off my DVR! Just kidding.

Connecting directly to the ip and port using http did little good. You get back, according to Firefox, and "application/octet-stream". Saving that and opening it in a hex editor (I’ve got a liking for XVI32) you see 15 03 01 00 02 01 00, which doesn’t really mean anything to me. If you use https, you don’t get anything.

Of course, I tried to connect to it with IIS manager. Nope. Didn’t work.

So, no progress yet. Anybody have any ideas?