My Best of 2004

As others have done, I’ll follow Ralph.

Best Movie: "Spiderman 2" - No doubt.

Best Non-Fiction (Biblical Studies): Biblical Greek Language and Lexicography, the essays in honor of Danker book. Some dull, but some really interesting chapters.

Best Non-Fiction (Computer): This is where Ive done most of my reading this year, it seems. The best that I’ve read, by far, is Pragmatic ADO.NET by Wildermuth. Very detailed. He didn’t skim over lots of technical details, which I like.

Best Non-Fiction (Neither Computer nor Biblical Studies): Gorgon, by Peter Ward. Good book if you dig (pardon the pun) paleontology.

Best Fiction: Only started one book this year, but got busy and didn’t finish it (this happened a lot). The half book I read was Baudolino by Umberto Eco (though it didn’t come out in 2004). Enjoyed what I read.

Best TV Series: This is kinda difficult since series generally run Fall to Spring. But, if you count Fall 2003 to Spring 2004, I would probably give it to Alias, though Smallville comes in a close second. And Angel, unfortunately, is gone now...

Best Album: Dunno. Everything I bought this year was from 2003...

Favorite Blog: The Scobleizer’s blog. Mostly tech stuff. It was more interesting earlier in the year, but still maintains my interest.

Most Creative Blog: GapingVoid by Hugh Macleod. He’s into marketing, which is a little odd for me to find interesting. But, I do. Do note that if you are offended by vulgarity, do not visit this site. You’ll get some.