Recent Items of Interest

There’s a few things that have popped up this month that I thought were particularly cool/interesting/thought provoking:

  1. The Said at Southern blog points to some mp3 recordings of the Hebrew Bible. Neat!
  2. I’m hoping this post by Benji means he is going to cover the entire epistle to the Romans by Ignatius. And his vocabulary is apparently better than mine, because there were a few words I didn’t remember that were also not in the vocabulary.
  3. Danny at Deinde points to a hypertext interlinear of the Gospel of Thomas. Neat! Man, I need to learn Coptic...
  4. John’s gospel as anti-James polemic? Dunno about that, but that is an interesting thought.
  5. New Patristics carnival is up. Yours truly even got a couple of mentions. I guess I’m not completely useless.


Diffavoip 2008-05-14 12:57:49

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Eric 2008-05-14 03:59:25