My Trip to Microsoft, the Irving Campus

Instead of my usual work, I went to Microsoft’s Irving campus today. Enjoyed myself. The event was free, which is nice, and was an all day event. It centered around understanding .NET’s place in the world of building Service Oriented Architectures and how Xml Web Services, primarily, fit into that mold really well. This is really something that we should be doing in biblical studies. I still want to write that essay...

Overall, the class was only okay. The level was a little too low. It wasn’t until the second half of the day till we really started seeing the nitty gritty of how it works, but then it got pretty interesting. But there were two things today that made me want to apply to MS (though I’m not...), other than the fact that I love .NET. First, their cafeteria is fabulous. I got a ribeye for $4.50. Granted, it wasn’t a Saltgrass cut of meat, but it was very tasty. Great cafeteria. Second, if I were a MS employee I could get their employee discount. Spent some time in the store and saw a bunch of really sweet deals. But, I couldn’t take advantage of them :(

And as I left a rabbit ran across the sidewalk. That was a nice, random experience.

Good times.