It has been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. Sorry. I’ve been busy solving world hunger and inventing a cure for poison ivy.

My dad gave me some steak seasoning this weekend called "Reo’s". I’m a die-hard Texjoy fan, but I thought I would try it anyway. So today I decided to grill.

I stopped by the meat counter at Albertson’s to look at the goods. The Ribeye’s were $7.99 a pound. I always go to the counter now, because the cuts are always thicker there than they are on the shelf. And usually the same price. I was eyeing the ribeye’s and they looked pretty good. The butcher guy, however, pointed me to the bone-in ribeyes. They were only $5.49 a pound. Cheaper steak! But the best thing about it was the size...

Big, isn’t it? But it’s kindof hard to tell without some measurements. So here goes.

That’s right...over two inches thick. Now that’s a steak! It was over two pounds in weight, which means I had a really big steak to eat. No problem there...

So I put a healthy amount of steak seasoning on the thing and let it sit out about an hour and a half so I could get it to room temperature.

I actually put it on the pit longer than I do most of my steaks. I probably had it on there about 5 minutes (I like my steaks extremely rare). Unfortunately, because it was so thick, the center was still too cool, so I put it back on a few minutes later to warm it up a bit more. Of course, it was still incredibly rare.

Overall it was a great steak. Very tender. Very juicy. Very fatty. The seasoning tasted great. I don’t think I like it quite as much as I like Texjoy, but I need to have a side-by-side comparison sometime. Regardless, it’s a great seasoning and I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to get (fortunately, TexJoy is easy). According to my dad it’s made in a metal building in Huntsville, and the label quality makes it clear that Reo’s hasn’t gotten much past the mom and pop production stage (or they have no money for marketing). But, despite its humble looks, its a great seasoning.

Did you notice how big that steak was?


ajs (2/26/2006 1:39 AM)

Nice! I like mine sealed in the pan and then backed in the oven at 200c till done perfect! My father inlaw likes his well done (terrible I think) but cooked this way they are still moist and cooked all the way through!

Anonymous (2/26/2006 6:53 PM)

what is the seasoning... gosh... i’m hungry... want that Big Chunky Steak too this weekend

Eric Sowell (2/26/2006 7:15 PM)

I would recommend Texjoy. It is, by far, my favorite.