Somebody Wants Me Dead

...apparently. Anybody want to volunteer to be a bodyguard?


Chuck Grantham (8/2/2008 0:16 AM)

Sure. But first I need to buy a pair of cool shades, a nice earpiece, and put on six inches and a hundred pounds of muscle.

Eric (8/2/2008 0:28 AM)

I can supply the shades.

I’ve been thinking about who this could be. I think it’s Brett. Not sure why. Just a hunch.

Chuck Grantham (8/2/2008 1:16 AM)

Just don’t change your name to Sitemeter or any form thereof. Otherwise you’ll need an army to protect you.

Brett (8/2/2008 9:36 AM)

Me? What did I do?

Eric (8/2/2008 11:30 AM)

Nothing :)