Greek Class Update: Starting Verbs

We’re finally starting verbs. It has been a seemingly long trek through nouns, pronouns, and adjectives, but it’s over.

One of the negatives about 1) only having class once a week and 2) writing a grammar that works well on that schedule is dealing with subject matter areas that require a whole lot to really get what’s going on. Case in point, an introduction to the Greek verb system. There’s a lot there. Definitely the longest chapter so far. I’m going to help mitigate the damage to my students by keeping the homework and vocab memorization low, so I think they’ll be ok. But this Monday I imagine several of them will feel like they’re drinking from a fire house (which thinking of this makes me chuckle about that seen from "UHF" That was seriously funny). But, they’re a smart group. I think they can handle it!