Crystal Woes

I’ve been using Crystal Reports 8.5 now for several weeks at work now. And I’m understating it when I say that I just absolutely cannot stand using the product. It is buggy to the nth degree. I would think that after 8.5 versions a reporting package wouldn’t be so hard to use. The ide likes to crash when something is wrong with the stored proc query, and even with all the right ide settings it is just impossible to position elements exactly where you want them sometimes. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I just had to let my frustration out.

If you have to do reporting, I would recommend going with another product. Sure, my job is behind several versions of the product, so it might get better. But, go with another product because IMHO it is way too buggy, expensive, (and in general) low quality to actual consider spending money on it and time using it.


I feel much better.