Thoughts Calvin And The Biblical Languages

I finished reading a short book this morning called Calvin and the Biblical Languages by John D. Currid. The book is an enjoyable read if you are into either Calvin or biblical language study. It is only about a hundred pages, so it can be read in a very short time.

Given its brevity I find it hard to justify the price tag Amazon has on it at the moment (~$13) unless you have a huge interest in Calvin’s life in this regard. I checked it out for free at the DTS library, and at it was definitely worth the price :)

On a somewhat related topic (the original language of Ignatius’ epistle to the Ephesians), I hope to resume my series on Ignatius very soon. An infinitival construction in chapter 2 of his epistle has me researching and thinking right now. Uncommon and not-so-obvious Greek constructions can be so much trouble...