Some Greek Lectionary Resources

I just wanted to point out a few resources that I have found useful for study of lectionary Greek manuscripts. One of them I have not yet read since reading German texts is still a little slow for me, but it looks useful.

First is two from a series of studies done by University of Chicago Press called Studies In the Lectionary Text of the Greek New Testament. I have used at least two of them and found both of them useful. The first is volume 1 in the series, edited by Colwell and Riddle, entitled Prolegomena to the Study of the Lectionary Text of the Gospels. The other volume is by Metzger entitled The Saturday and Sunday Lessons from Luke in the Greek Gospel Lectionary. Both are well worth your time. This last one sounds like a series of Sunday-school lessons Metzger might have taught at his church, but I have read it and that is not the case. Like I said, there are a few more volumes in the series, but these are the only ones I have names of in arms length.

Second is two essays in Die Alten Übersetzungen Des Neuen Testaments, Die Kirchenväterzitate und Lektionare, which is a part of the series Arbeiten zur Neutestamentlichen Textforschung. There are two essays in the volume on lectionaries, one by Metzger ("Greek Lectionaries and a Critical Edition of the Greek New Testament") and one by Klaus Junack ("Zu den Griechischen Lektionaren und ihrer Überlieferung der Katholischen Briefe").

If you happen to live in the Dallas area, you can find all of the above listed resources at DTS. Enjoy.


Bryan Cox 2008-03-04 09:26:19

Thanks, Eric! I find this extremely helpful.

Eric 2008-03-07 09:27:53

You are welcome.