Beginning Greek Class, Fall, 2005

I will be teaching a course on beginning Greek this Fall. Luckily, this is not my first time. While at DTS I was the NT department tutor for a couple of years, and got to fill in for professors every once in a while. Great fun. A few years ago I taught a Greek class while I was at Believer’s Chapel. It is time for me to do it again. It has been too long and I enjoy it too much.

I’ll have more details later on, but here are a few points about the class:

We will probably start having information meeetings in August, and will begin the class at the beginning of September. If you want more information, send me an email.


Tim 2005-05-31 02:04:00

Wow, I wish we had churches where people (neding to be limited to 20) want to study Greek. I’d be even happier, blissful in fact if it was Hebrew they were queueing up for ;)

Eric Sowell 2005-05-31 05:08:00

Well, I doubt we’ll get 20 out of my church alone, though you never know. I’m going to be advertising it in some way in the area, though I’m not sure how I’m going to do that.

Greek classes in churches seem rare. I’ve never actually heard of someone doing one for Hebrew. As you know, not as many people are as interested, or are qualified to teach it.